Better Data.

Better Decisions. Connected Workforce.

Inform. Communicate. Collaborate.

Who are we?

Flex-Metrics is an automated data collection software company that connects your workforce by enabling easy-to-use tools around production data and machine performance, in real-time. Backed by a team with decades of experience, Flex strives to show how, with accurate and trustworthy data, you can make operational improvements to impact the bottom line.
How Flex Works

Connected workforce made simple.

Customer provides machine counter or pulse. DMI data pushed to  Flex on the gateway. DMI captures data from pulses.
Devices on your network can start seeing real-time data.
Flex is a reliable and easy-to-use solution that eliminates human error while connecting the shop-floor to the top-floor. Inform - provided by a direct connection between your production lines and the Flex DMI, see the real-time status of your machines with customized Andon Displays. Communicate - use the information Flex shows you to bring resources to the areas that need help with automated alerts, customized reports. Collaborate - use Flex-Insights to solve big problems with data- driven decision making.
Simplified data entry for employees, enabling them to focus on production rather than inputting information. Easy-to-read and understandable real-time performance graphics. Access to a library of pre-built reports with up-to-date data, available on demand. Straightforward report and dashboard filters and settings for targeted focus.

Easy-to-use interfaces


Customized to your needs

Configurable metrics & reporting Automated reports sent to your inbox on a frequency of your choosing Escalation Alerts for when you need to be notified of an outlier View your data in both a numerical and interactive way

Factory visualization made for you.

Introducing Flex-Andon, a powerful and versatile Visual Factory included in our core offering. Browser based--access anytime, anywhere 20 configurable metrics (i.e., OEE, Speed, Uptime, Job based targets, and more) Connect via desktop, tablet, or mobile device Real-time data at a glance Production line monitoring at the Equipment level or Area level
Pilot Program

Say hello to better data.

Start-Up Planning Hardware Procurement Kick-Off
Provisioning Hardware provisioning Installation of hardware Network set-up
Configuration Count certification to ensure data accuracy Machine configuration State rules set up
Training Train-the-trainer approach Designated “Power Users” Work with all staff who will interface with software
Acceptance Formal proposal to fully implement Flex crafted and approved
Explore all the benefits of Flex, without having to submit a capital request. A dedicated team will teach all levels of the organization best practices for focusing on the areas that matter to you.  Establish a baseline at the start of the Pilot. Later compare with noticeable changes at the end of the Pilot. Create a detailed project plan with your Flex team to fully deploy Flex in your facility.
This program allows clients to test our software, understand strategies for adopting Flex, and receive tailored recommendations for installation based on deploying Flex to one to two production lines.

Pilot timeline

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with our adaptable cloud-based reporting tool. With pre-built reports and custom report building services, Insights caters to individuals who prefer a more visual and interactive display of their data. It offers seamless analysis of production data across multiple sites and organizational levels.


Interactive and visual data.

Customizable Data Visualizations Comprehensive Downtime Analysis Interactive Drill-Down Abilities
Adaptable Report Creation Automated alerts and notifications Predictive Analytics Multi-site Visibility and Comparisons

Better Date. Better Decisions.

Proven Results.
Reduction in over-production
In savings in year-one
We continued to have over-production waste issues until we used Flex to automatically stop a job before that happened. It ended up saving us a boat load of time and money.
A Top 5 Print Manufacturer
With all the information given from the daily shift reports, Flex-Insights, and Flex-Client, there is so much information to gather to better understand where the gaps and needed improvements are. […]There are so many ways to look at the data and just to have access to that helps make my job easier to explain and discuss what is needed on the production floor.
Francois Vang, Continuous Improvement Manager
Having access to Flex insights enables us to capture and delve into day-to-day and real-time analysis concerning operator performance and daily output. I firmly believe that Flex has contributed to our business growth because it offers a comprehensive view of our equipment’s operations on a daily basis.
Tracy Jacobs, Plant Manager

Where your needs find a solution.

No Recurring Cost Basic production monitoring (OEE, Speed, Uptime, Downtime) Real-time Andon display Access to online training portal
Subscription Fee Core features plus… Personnel and job specific level monitoring Email/text alerts with escalation to notify of irregularities in production Access to support team (M-F, 8am to 5pm EST)
Subscription Fee Site features plus… Multi-site visibility ERP integration services Annual data review with a Flex analyst
Custom Report Building
Eliminate manual paperwork on the shop- floor
Analyst Services
Don’t have time to analyze your data? Flex will fill that gap for you
Additional Training
Allow Flex to help train new personnel if you are short-staffed
Remote Management
Want to lighten the load on IT resources? Antivirus and cloud backup can be provided as needed
Per Login/User Site (single-site) Enterprise (multi-site)
Flexible, On-Demand Services
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