Xara is celebrating 40 years of Company Excellence

and Growth

Hemel Hempstead, UK – Xara, an internationally recognized leader in design, illustration, creativity computer software, is celebrating its 40-year anniversary. In 1981 Charles Moir launched the company with some of the first personal computer games, and then burst into the mainstream computer industry with one of the first true text editing document engines. The incredible journey of Xara had begun. Over the course of the last 40 years, Xara’s vision of ‘great design for all’ has become a reality. Xara has grown from a small UK company into an industry leader with numerous product awards hanging on its office walls and with millions of satisfied customers around the world. Xara founder Charles Moir remarked: “This is an incredible milestone for the company. We have dedicated ourselves to 40 years of relentless product innovation, engineering and business process improvements to provide our customers with the highest quality solutions and services.” “To this day Xara is driven by hard work, passion, and dedication of our team members, which has enabled us to constantly push new boundaries and expand our product portfolio, “ says Matt Bolton, Xara CEO. “Our strategy of establishing and developing core business areas that address the changing needs of our customers has enabled us to foster a culture of innovation and excellence.” The Xara product portfolio has been used in every conceivable industry across the world. From Fortune 500 companies to Pro-sumers, from retail to education and health, Xara is used on a daily basis to create inspiring, emotional and valuable content. In celebration of its achievements, Xara will highlight amazing designs from customers and interesting fun facts throughout the month of August to share the milestones and challenges of the last 40 years, while looking forward to the future. In its 40 years, Xara has delivered award winning products to our customers. Find out more about the history of Xara here
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Press Release | August 4, 2021

About Xara GmbH Xara Cloud has been developed by Xara, a cutting-edge software design company with a long history of software design excellence. Xara has a particularly strong technology and innovation history, it pioneered many of the graphics technologies and techniques now standard in the industry today and Xara is now focusing on developing advanced business solutions, helping to give businesses the tools they need to grow in the modern work environment. www.xara.com You can find more information at Press Center PR Contact: Ana García – anag@xara.com
Made with Xara Cloud

Press Release | August 4, 2021

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