Xara Cloud Case Study 2019
Xara Cloud Case Study 2019


_The Client

_Their Challenge

_Our Solution

_The Results

Xara Cloud Case Study 2019

_The Client

Mark Dijohn is an independent real estate agent at CENTURY 21 Results Realty Services. Results Realty Services began in 1998 as a small real estate company and they have managed to rise to the top of the industry year after year by carefully studying the marketplace and providing an unparalleled service to their clients. After 6 years of growth, Results Realty Services decided to affiliate with a large player in the real estate business: CENTURY 21, which offers representation in 78 countries through a network of more than 120,000 real estate professionals. By working with a Full-Service brokerage that has a globally recognized name, Mark and his team can spend their time on clients and their needs.

“Our goal is to provide a memorable real

estate experience for families, now and in

the future!”

Mark Dijohn, Real Estate Agent Century 21 Results Realty Services
Headquarters Georgia, USA
Industry Real Estate
Awards: REALTOR of the Year 2012 by 400 North Board of REALTORS Masters Ruby 2014 Top 10 Team 2015 by Century 21 Results Top 10 Real Estate Offices in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014
Xara Cloud Case Study 2019

Key success drivers:

For Mark it is clear what 4 factors have played a big role in their success: Top internet marketing strategy allows them to expose homes on the top consumer-driven websites and more than 600 partner websites. Partnering with Century 21 brings them more than 90% brand awareness. Efficient support staff behind them to ensure homes reach global exposure quickly. Relocation division to offer referral services around the globe and bring more potential buyers
• • • •
Xara Cloud Case Study 2019

_Their Challenge

Real estate agents need to produce a lot of mar- keting documents to promote every property and find the perfect buyers. They also need to promote their services and build a reputable brand. This means lots of time and money pro- ducing flyers, postcards, business cards or brochures. Today new online marketing channels are a great opportunity to reach new audiences to gain visibility, but this means even more time to invest creating Facebook ads, consistently post- ing on Instagram, and responding to new leads.
Mark was one of many agents struggling with marketing.  He had to find time to create a mar- keting strategy, to market new properties, to keep everything on brand, etc. He felt too much of his time was going to marketing and not to interact with the client. A typical solution agents find is to hire a design expert that would create the designs for them. But this can quickly become costly as there is not just the upfront cost of the initial design, but ongoing changes, updates, and marketing new properties.

“Before Xara, marketing properties was

tedious and very singular. I had to use

desktop applications and gather pretty

much everything to begin the process. I

had to create templates from scratch and

recreate new templates as old templates

went stale. Flyers, postcards, business

cards and even simple newsletters took

way to much time. They became tedious

and quickly outdated.“

Xara Cloud Case Study 2019

_Our Solution

In every business problem Mark has faced, he has always tried to leverage new technologies to make things easier. This time was no different. He searched everywhere for that one tool that would allow him to quickly generate new and stylish marketing campaigns without having to recreate the wheel every time.  He found Xara Cloud and signed-up for a free trial.

“With Xara, ALL my marketing has gotten

more streamlined, more consistent. My

branding is flawless with respect to

consistency. My ideas look professional.

I’ve gotten numerous compliments from

clients, agents and even friends about how

my marketing has suddenly taken off.”

Xara Cloud Case Study 2019
He immediately saw the benefits: The template library allows to him to pick his favorite design and go, instead of creating every- thing from scratch. BrandSpaces apply his brand to every document — logos, colors and fonts — automatically and consistently. He only has to add his property images and information, that can easily be cut and pasted from the MLS. He can create a Facebook post and then resize it to any other social media channels. This way he can have fresh posts in every channel every- day without spending hours on it. Updating documents is now easy and quick. The little time Mark invested in learning Xara Cloud had a huge return, and he decided to pur- chase Xara Cloud in order to maximize the value he was getting.
• • • •

“I can honestly say, I’ve spent about 1/10th

the time on marketing since switching to

Xara and that time consistently drops as I

learn more and more about Xara’s


Xara Cloud Case Study 2019

_The Result

Mark has dramatically reduced the amount of time spent in creating marketing documents. After a little bit of time invested upfront, he can create a new postcard for his latest property in minutes by simply using an already-made design.

“Xara has saved me hundreds in my

marketing budget but more importantly,

Xara has saved me thousands of dollars in

my time spent.  The ease of use and ability

to have one click branding, makes Xara my

perfect marketing partner.”

“I’m able to create beautiful marketing materials for my

listing quickly. Xara templates make me look like I spent

years in art school. I’m no designer. Xara templates

allow me to plug and play staging photos and MLS

information. A single design can be resized and used for

brochures, open house flyers, and mailings without any

additional work by me. A huge time saving.”

But Mark hasn’t just saved tons of hours, the quality of his mate- rials is excellent. He is generating more interest in his properties, more new qualified leads, and ultimately selling homes faster, because now his marketing material stands out from those of the competition.
Xara Cloud Case Study 2019

_Want to get results like Mark’s?

Mark firmly believes internet will play a huge role in mar- keting for real estate agents from now on, and encourages other agents to start taking advantage of it. For example being active in social media. Using Xara Cloud has made marketing finally easy for Mark, both in online and offline channels. And he is not alone, many other agents have also used Xara Cloud to create better marketing documents and save tons of hours every week, that they can use to serve their clients better.

“If you want to make your social media experience as

painless as possible, spend a little money and get

Xara. But not only will Xara make your social media

experience easier, ALL your marketing will benefit

from having Xara as your marketing partner. All real

estate agents face different marketing challenges.

Xara makes winning that business so much easier.”

Xara Cloud Case Study 2019

Would you like to get results like Mark?

Sign up for a 14-day free trial and start to save

hours and hundreds of dollars in marketing.


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