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Note: This document refers to Xara Designer Pro X purchased from Magix or their retail partners, not to Xara Designer Pro+ (a subscription option available from Xara as part of Xara Cloud+). What do I get when I purchase Xara Designer Pro X, Photo & Graphic Designer or Web Designer? You get a perpetual license to the version of the software that is current on the day you purchase (or register, if that is later). You own this software license forever. Software which includes the Update Service will usually* auto-update to the latest version at the time of registration - that means you can be sure that once you register, you’ll be working with the latest features and operating systems, regardless of the date and place of purchase. Is there anything else I get with my purchase? Yes, there are standard items bundled with the purchase of each software license: Update Service - Access to and free usage of new features released during the 365 days after you purchase. Online Content Catalog - Access and free usage of current and new templates released during the 365 days after your purchase. M-Hosting - Free one year of website hosting service by Xara (only for Designer Pro X and Web Designer Premium products) Read on for more information on the Update Service, Online Content Catalog and M Hosting.

Update Service

What happens to the Update Service after 365 days? 1. Do nothing, the Update Service expires and you will no longer receive any new features. The feature updates you have installed over the past 365 days will continue to run indefinitely, HOWEVER if you re-install your product on a new computer after the Update Service has expired then the new installation will fall back to the version you last purchased. 2. Renew the Update Service. Your perpetual license will now be for the version current on the day of renewal. In addition, you will continue to get access to new feature and content updates for the next 365 days after renewal.
Last updated 20th May 2020
The Update Service, Content Catalog & Xara Hosting
Last updated 20th May 2020
The Update Service, Content Catalog & Xara Hosting
How do I renew my Update Service? If you click the ‘Upgrade’ button on the alert that pop-ups after you start your software you will land on the correct page on, otherwise go to and select the product you want to renew from the top menu. Select the Upgrade option (not New Purchase!) and click Upgrade Now. How much does it cost to renew the Update Service? To keep your software up-to-date after the Update Service has expired, you can extend it for a discounted price. The cost of renewing your Update Service is similar to the former cost of upgrading. Bear in mind that there have always been regular upgrade offers, which means that any one of you may find on a particular day that this year’s renewal cost is more - or less - than your last one! Note: The Update Service isn’t a subscription, and there won’t be an automatic recharge. You will make a choice as usual about whether to upgrade your copy and extend the Update Service for another 365 days. When do my 365 days start? If you are purchasing for the first time then the 365 days start at the time of registration. If you order in the Magix online store then your copy is registered at the time of purchase, so only if you purchase offline might your date of registration be later than the date of purchase. If you are renewing an Update Service then the new 365 days will start from expiry date of your current Update Service, even if you purchase sooner. This allows you to take advantage of promotion offers before your current Update Services expires. If you renew after expiry, the 365 days will start from the date you purchase the renewal. How do I check my expiry date? If you have your purchase confirmation email to hand, the expiry date is 1 year from the purchase date. Otherwise sign in to the Magix Service Center on (or on and select My Products. Click on ‘Show More Details’ next to your product, you’ll see the expiry date of your Update Service. You will also start to see a pop-up alert within the product 30 days before the expiry date. How will I find out about new features? New software announcements come via emails, product noticeboards and social media. We will continue to publish detailed Release Notes and you’ll find links to them in our release announcements on TalkGraphics and in the Xara Desktop Knowledge Base. The Release Notes are currently at: Release Notes: Designer Pro X: (v12) and (v15) (v16) (v17) Web Designer:
Last updated 20th May 2020
The Update Service, Content Catalog & Xara Hosting (v12) and (v15) (v16) (v17) Photo & Graphic Designer: (v12) and (v15) (v16) (v17) * How do I access these new features if I have a current Update Service? Software with a current Update Service will usually auto-update to the latest version at the time of purchase and whenever we release an update. The exception is when we move to a full new version eg v16 or v17. In those cases you will need to download a new installer, which will automatically unlock. You can install it alongside the older version or replace it, and it uses the same serial number. How do I re-download the version I purchased if my Update Service has expired? Sign in to the Magix Service Center on (or on and select My Products. You should see a download link to the version available on the date you last purchased, and a downloadable PDF version of the manual (if there is one). If you purchased a back-up DVD there is a course a copy of the program on the DVD. If I re-download the version I purchased after my Update Service has expired, how will I get any bug fixes you release? If there are bug fixes we consider critical we release a point update. For example Designer Pro X 12.6.0 was followed by 12.6.1 and 12.6.2 which had bug fixes but no new features. If you are entitled to 12.6.0 and download it, it will automatically update to 12.6.2, even if 12.6.2 was released after your Update Service expired. Why did you change from a single yearly upgrade to an annual Update Service? The Update Service allows us to release features faster and more consistently over the course of a year. It was as frustrating for us as it was for you to sit on new features and content that would keep our product in a market leading position and our customers happy! Design is a fast moving business and we need a model that recognises that. Additionally the once-a-year release cycle imposed a huge burden on developers, testers and support during the couple of months in which our key titles were upgraded, which could mean we were providing a lower quality of service than we would wish during that time. By spreading the new feature releases across the year you will benefit from a more consistent level of pre-release testing and post-release support, and we will sleep more easily. Win win!
Last updated 20th May 2020
The Update Service, Content Catalog & Xara Hosting

Online Content Catalog

What happens to the Online Content Catalog after 365 days? The Online Content Catalog is a massive library of templates, ranging from websites to logos to business cards. New content is added automatically on a frequent basis. When you purchase a Xara Desktop license and/or renew your Update Service, you get one year’s access to our entire Online Content Catalog, including regular new content that is added during that year. At the end of the year you will no longer be able to access the Online Content Catalog unless you renew your Update Service. Note: Any templates or widgets that you have already used in your existing documents will continue to work and be editable, including the Xara Slideshow widget.

Xara Hosting

How do I access my 1 year free Xara Hosting? When you purchase a new copy of Xara Web Designer Premium or Designer Pro X or renew your Update Service for these products, you will receive a coupon code in your purchase confirmation email for one year of M Hosting from Xara. You can redeem this coupon at any time before the expiration date on the coupon, and the M Hosting will last for 1 year from the date of redemption. M Hosting currently includes 2GB of webspace and a free domain. How do I renew my Xara Hosting after the first year? You will receive an email notifying you that your hosting is expiring soon. Follow the renewal link in that email to the Xara Hosting shop, enter the coupon code you get in the Update Service renewal confirmation and the price will adjust to 0. If you do not renew your Update Service you can still renew your Hosting but you will be charged the full price for hosting.
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