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Selecting things

Select   items   on   the   page   by   clicking   on   them. Try it on this blue arrow.... Selected   Items   show   control   handles   that   you   can   drag   to manipulate.   Once   this   arrow   is   selected   you   can drag these points.

Text Flow

Xara       Cloud       (and Xara    Designer    for the   desktop)   can   automatically repel   flowing   text   around   the outside    of    irregular    shapes and     even     transparent     PNG images,   such   as   this   example right.   You   can   set   any   object   or image   to   be   repelling   by   select - ing    it,    and    using    the    Repel/Wrap option in the right-side Property Panel. Traditionally   browsers   do   not   support   flow   around   shapes like    this,    and    yet    Xara    Cloud    can    do    this    on    all    modern browsers (Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, even IE11).


Drag    anywhere    on    the    background,    or    use your    mouse    scroll-wheel,    or    trackpad    scroll gesture.    It    even    supports    momentum    scrolling    -    you    can ‘throw’ the page to rapidly scroll.


Xara   offers   amazing   zoom.   Hold   the   Ctrl   (or Shift)   key   and   then   use   your   scroll   wheel   (or trackpad).   You   can   scroll   all   the   way   to   25,000%.   Use   Ctrl+0 to reset to 100% zoom.

Editing text

For   some   documents,   such   as   Presentations, you    can    select    the          sign    below    the    page thumbnails, to add pages.

Text Styles

Use    the    Style    List    in the    right    Properties Panel   to   change   the   style   of   the text.


Xara       documents use     Theme     Colors that   you   can   change.   Tap   the   blue arrow,   click   the   color   patch   in   the right     panel.     You     can     change either   just   the   color   of   the   arrow only   (current   color,   at   the   top)   or the   Theme   Color,   by   moving   over the    color    patch    and    selecting    the ‘Change’ option. Or    select    one    of    the    ‘ready-made    color    schemes’    which changes all the colors in one go.

Smart Graphics

There’s   a   range   of   smart   graphics   such   as   the arrow, and this pie chart. You   can   insert   alternate   graphics   by pressing     the            insert     icon,     top right.   To   adjust   the   chart   value   just click on it and drag the controls. Try    clicking    on    the    %    value    above and change it.

Getting Started

This   is   both   a   beginner’s   guide   and   a   document   you   can   experiment   on.   It   contains   simple instructions for ‘how to drive’ Xara Cloud.
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Select   the       menu   to   add   an   image.   Or   just drag   a   photo   from   your   file   system   onto   the page.   With   a   selected   photo   you   can   change   the   size   of   the image, or the size and rotation of the photo in its frame.

Inline images

To   place   an   image   inline   with   your   text,   just copy   (Ctrl+C),   place   the   text   cursor,   and   paste (Ctrl+V).   To   adjust   the   size,   select   it,   and   resize.   To   adjust   the text   wrap,   use   the   'Repel   /   wrap'   option   in   the   slide-in   prop - erties panel, right side. To   replace   an   image,   select   the   Replace   menu   option.   Try   it on this photo:

New Documents

Select   the   Documents    >   Open    menu,   top   left. We   have   a   range   of   beautifully   designed   tem - plates to choose from. The   open   menu   lets   you   pick   files   saved   to   any   cloud   drive, or   create   a   new   document   from   a   template   or   from   your recent documents.

Adding pages

For   some   documents,   such   as   Presentations, you    can    select    the          sign    below    the    page thumbnails, lower left.


Use   the   Documents   menu,   top   left,   to   save   the file   to   your   cloud   drive   for   safe   keeping   and future editing.

Download & Print a PDF

Go   to   the   Documents   menu   and,   choose   the Download option. Try it.


To   share   your   document   select   the   share   icon    top   right.   This   will   give   you   a   read-only   link you   can   share   with   anyone,   or   everyone.   If   you   want   to   allow others   to   edit   this   document   select   the   ‘Share   Editing’   option and   enter   their   email   address.   They’ll   get   an   invite   to   share and then you can both edit the document at the same time! This   software   is   rapidly   evolving.      Be   sure   to   check-out   the Latest Updates  (also under the Settings  menu) For more detailed help see the user-guide . Enjoy - the Xara Team. Follow us:    

Getting Started