<script> anime({ targets: '.svgline path', strokeDashoffset: [anime.setDashoffset, 0], //strokeDashoffset: [anime.setDashoffset, -250], easing: 'easeInOutSine', duration: 6250, direction: 'alternate', delay: anime.stagger(375, {start: 500}), //delay: function(el, i) { return i * 250 }, endDelay: 1500, loop: true }); </script>

Line Drawing


Create some text Either Convert to Editable Shapes and Ungroup twice Or Add shapes for a single shape Ensure your shape(s) have a Line Width Give your shape(s) a special Name htmlclass="svgline" Most shapes just need a Line and the Name In Page body, tweak the Animation script Some alternatives have been REMmed out Ensure only one of each alternative is unREMmed