ENACTED network

ENACTED project associates research, teaching, debate and dissemination activities in the area of European Studies ENACTED network:12 partners (8 universities and 4 NGOs) from 6 countries: Romania, Hungary, Poland, Belarus, R. Moldova, Ukraine.

ENACTED partners

P1  RO UAIC Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași P2 RO AIES Association of Institute for Euroregional Studies -  University of Oradea P3 RO USV University Ştefan cel Mare Suceava P4 MD ASEM Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova P5 MD ASER Association for Ethnic and Regional Studies P6 MD USM Moldova State University, European Studies Center P7 UA PIC Promotion of Intercultural Cooperation, Odessa, Ukraine P8 UA QUA Quadrivium, Ukraine P9 UA CHNU Yuriy Fedcovych Chernivtsi National University, Ukraine P10 BE BSU State Institute of Management and Social Technologies of Belarusian State University P11 PO WSE Warsaw School of Economics, Poland P12 HU UDH University of Debrecen, Hungary ENACTED will address the need to enhance the EU actorness in the eastern borderlands by consolidating knowledge in this field from a triple set of activities research teaching debate-oriented events ENACTED will also touch upon complementary topics cross-border cooperation and its role in enhancing partnership in the borderlands and in the diminution of the border effects at the eastern frontier of the EU the European dimension of academia in the eastern borderlands by identifying specific needs in education, vocational training and information on EU matters in the eastern neighbouring countries. ENACTED aims at producing relevant research results for enhancing the knowledge about the role of the EU in region which, subsequently, will lay the basis for policy-recommenda- tion for strengthening the EU’s presence in the eastern borderlands. ENACTED will provide new tools for enhancing knowledge in the field of European Studies and offer novel methods and approaches to better understand and assess the EU’s implica- tion in the region.   ENACTED seeks to obtain new research results and novel methodological instruments regarding the EU’s actorness in the region which could be employed in future studies and research and included in teaching activities; develop didactic and research competences and create new opportunities in terms of professional development and international cooperation for the academic staff promote new research directions and new educational programmes Promote e-learning teaching methods.

ENACTED activities


T1 European Sociological Studies and Research Methods T2 The European Neighbourhood Policy and Cross-Border Cooperation T3 Course on European Cross-Border Project Management T4 The Eastern Partnership between Blockage and Revitalization


R1 Assessing the impact and limits of the EU R2 Tertiary education in European Studies


D1 ENACTED Newsletters D2 Teaching materials and e-learning tools D3 Open access database D4 Policy papers on “The EU’s effectiveness in the eastern borderland regions and beyond D5 Book: The assessment of the EU’s actorness in the borderland regions D6 Doctoral thesis on European Studies, Eastern Neighbourhood Policy, Regional Development, European Actorness D8 Pilot Centre for European Studies


E1 ENACTED management workshops E2 International conference EURINT 2020 E3 International Forums “University in society” E4 Joint Roundtables E5 Study visits for young academics in European Studies E6 Essay Contest “Looking to the future - Common values, common dreams” E7 “EU Neighbours’ day – together for a common future”

Next event in Iasi

International Forum “University in society: Cross-border cooperation and regional develop- ment” 18-19 May 2018 Public debate “Cross-border cooperation at EU’s eastern borderlands: an engine for regional development. Challenges for the European Cohesion Policy”; ­Partners: Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Institute of Romania (EIR), Polish Embassy in Romania, North-East Regional Development Agency. Public Debate: “University in Society: increasing universities’ participation in the local and regional societal challenges”; Partners: North-East Regional Development Agency EURINT 2018 conference Reflecting on Europe’s (dis)order: scenarios for the EU’s future (18-19 May 2018)

European Union and its neighbourhood.

Network for enhancing EU’s actorness in the eastern